Each kg contains:
Vitamin A 25,000,000 I.U
Vitamin D3 12,500.00 I.U
Vitamin E 10,000 mg
Vitamin K3 2,000 mg
Vitamin B1 1,250 mg
Vitamin B2 4,000 mg
Calcium D Pantothenate 10,000 mg
Vitamin B6 2,000 mg
Nicotinic Acid 20,000 mg
Folic Acid 100 mg
Vitamin C 10,000 mg
Iron 10,000 mg
Copper 1,250 mg
Zinc 8,000 mg
Manganese 18,000 mg
Cobalt 200 mg
Iodine 400 mg
Methionine 200,000 mg
Carrier up to 1,000 g

1. To Increase feed efficiency and increase egg production.
2. To Accelerate body growth.
3. To Prevent deficiency of Vitamins, minerals and amino acids Methionine.
4. Increasing the formation of eggshells more perfectly.
5. to Prevent stress and increase the body endurance of the livestock.
6. Reducing death rate of the livestock.
7. to Maintain the condition of poultry after vaccination, beak cutting, cage transfer and decreasing of egg production.

Dosage and usage :
2 gr per 4-8 liters of drinking water, given daily for 5 days every month and at the time of vaccination. In sick condition the dosage can be doubled.
Available packaging:
– 100 grams aluminum foil
– 1 kg can