Vision and mission

PT. Katraco Santika is a animal medicine factory that is engaged in production and distribution of health products and feed additives for livestock.
PT. Katraco Santika occupies the right location in an industrial area located at Jalan Industri Raya Timur IIA-40 LIK Bugangan Baru – Kaligawe Semarang,
while the office address is at Jalan Industri Gang VIII – BS.18 LIK Bugangan Baru – Kaligawe Semarang.
The distribution network of PT. Katraco Santika has been widespread on the island of Java, so the reach of services to livestock business partners has become easier.
Supported by professionals, PT. Katraco Santika is ready to become a colleague and business partners, and help to solve problems in the business
animal husbandry so that breeders can achieve maximum profits and sustainable


Our company vision is to produce animal medicines and feed additives for livestock using prescription that are tested from selected pharmaceutical ingredients

Our company’s mission is to meet the needs of breeders for good quality and competitive prices of animal medicine.