PT. Katraco Santika, was establised in Jakarta in early 1993.
With the intention of expanding and developing the business, PT. Katraco Santika was moved to Semarang, after getting a business permit from the Directorate General of Animal Husbandry
No: 47 / TN.125 / Kpts / DJP / Deptan / 1996 – 23.01.1996.
At the date of March 6, 1998, Deed No. 37 was published and authorized by the decree of Minister of Justice of the Republic of Indonesia No. C2-8983 HT.01.04.7h.1998 on 16.07.1998.
By Deed no. 12, on 28.10.2003, the Directors appointed and gave
full authority to Ir. Barry Budiyanto to lead PT. Katraco Santika,in
Then on 31.05.2008, Deed No. 24 was published with the changes in board of management which was authorized by the Decree of the Minister of Justice No. AHU-42176 01.02.
In 2008 – 17.07.2008 With the board of management consists of Petrus Hamidy Subari as the Main Director, Anthony Titus Subari and David Joseph Subari as Directors and Linda Widjaya Subari as The Commissioner, and includes an authorized capital of Rp.100,000,000 so it was issued SIUP No. 517 / 554-2473 / 11.01 / PK / IX / 2012 on the date
20.09.2012 and TDP No. on the date. 09.10.2012 by the Department of Industry and Trade in Semarang.
After several changes, the latest NPWP and SPPKP data:
The latest NPWP PT Katraco Santika: 01.360.407.9-511.000 – 11.04.2007, The latest SPPKP PT. Katraco Santika: No. PEM-00587 / WPJ.10 / KP.1003 / 2007 – 11.04.2007
PT. Katraco Santika is as an animal medicine company that produces various kinds of animal medicine and premix (a mixture of vitamins, amino acids and minerals) has become ASOHI (Animal Medicine Association) member with membership No: 005-80-JTG-PD
Some of PT. Katraco Santika products have received a certificate of registration number from Director General of Animal Husbandry, Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Indonesia. And some of the staffs have graduated from the CPOHB training program.