Amprotraco 20

Each kg contains:
Amprolium hydrochloride 200 grams
Carrier up to 1000 grams

The effectiveness of Amprotraco20 is based on the workability of Amprolium which is Coccidiostat that is effective against E.maxima, E.tenela, E.necatrix and very effective
against almost all variants of E.acervulina.
Ampotraco20 does not cause side effects of poisoning, negative growth, egg production, egg quality, fertility, and hatchability. It also does not cause a negative influence on drinking water and poultry food consumption.

Treatment for Coccidiosis in poultry.

Mixed into drinking water.

Dosage :
6 grams per liter of drinking water, given daily for 5-7 days.

Available packaging:
– 100 grams aluminum foil
– 1kg can